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    Thursday, November 1, 2018

    What To Eat To Maximise Your Exercise Regimen


    To supercharge your day, a good breakfast is essential. Far too many dieters try to skip this meal to lower calorie consumption, but in reality it is quite possibly the most important meal of the day to get your metabolism going. A good breakfast for the adamant gym-goer should contain:

    A form of protein, such as eggs or a smoothie with protein powder.

    Light carbohydrates, such as seeded toast.

    Fibrous fruit like a banana


    Eating before you exercise is a good idea. Working out on an empty stomach can drain your energy and make you feel depleted. Therefore a small meal about an hour before your gym is a great idea. This meal should be small enough to not weigh you down and should contain high energy carbohydrates. Some great ideas are:

    Brown rice

    Black beans

    Fruit and nuts

    Oats with berries

    Post workout

    Just as its important to make sure your body has the necessary energy to complete your workout, its also important to replace the nutrients and energy that you depleted whilst exercising. Your body is also going to be vigorously building and repairing muscle so it is good to provide it with the building blocks it requires. After gymming it is best to eat carbohydrates and proteins – try avoid empty sugars like soft drinks and energy drinks which will only spike your sugar to have it later crash down again. Great post workout foods include:

    Skinless chicken

    Brown rice

    Baked potato

    Salad with croutons

    Its also important to remember to  stay hydrated before and after gym. Water will quench your thirst and provide your body with the hydration it needs. Failing to drink enough water can make you feel lethargic and hungry, and leave you dehydrated after a gym session.

    So follow the above simple guidelines to maximize your workout and reap the benefits of a healthy, fit and beach ready body

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