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    Saturday, December 2, 2017

    How to Get Rid of Nausea Naturally

    We all have been there. The stomach pang stars out lightly, slowly and silently; then your stomach feels like its swirling inside a cement mixer then comes the up and down sensation like you are riding on a very steep roller coaster. But the point is we want to stop the nausea right at the beginning. We don’t want to feel like we are just on the verge of vomiting 24 hours a day. The thought of food totally turns our stomachs. When these signs occur we know we are having some serious nausea.
    Tokeo la picha la Nausea

    What is Nausea

    Oh boy! Now we are going to define nausea? Let’s give a working definition so we know what we’re dealing with. Nausea is a sick feeling in the upper stomach which is called “as nausea” or “qualm”. Nausea is the feeling of having to vomit quite forcibly but it doesn’t always accompany the feeling of vomiting. You can force a vomit and dry out all the acid in the stomach to relieve nausea. Or you can take natural remedies to be rid of nausea. If the feeling of vomiting is prolonged it will cause an electrolyte imbalance which leads to dehydration. The common symptoms of nausea are:
    • A strong pukish sensation and uneasiness
    • Weakness
    • Stomach Pain
    • Fret
    • Anxiety
    • Wooziness
    • Dizziness
    • Dry Heaves

    Possible Causes:
    • Migraine
    • Stomach Infection
    • Motion Sickness
    • Food Poisoning
    • Depression, Revulsion and Worry
    • Drug Abuse
    • Chronic Fatigue
    • Excessive use of Alcohol
    • Appendicitis
    • Too Much Caffeine
    • Chemotherapy
    • Diabetes
    • Head Injury
    • Pregnancy
    • Gerd
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    • Kidney Stones
    • Menstruation
    • Ulcers
    • Sun Stroke
    • Stress
    • Vertigo
    • Certain Medications
    • Fear of Heights

    Now, we know what the symptoms and causes of nausea are let’s find out how to cure it through different treatments.


    Ginger is an age old remedy to curing nausea. It can either be added to tae or chewed directly from a piece of ginger. Ginger is the classic cure for nausea and it can help with so many ailments. You can take ginger in so many forms to help you with an upset stomach. It can be taken in gingersnaps, ginger tea, and gingerbread. If you are traveling instead of taking travel sickness pills or patches take crystallized ginger or ginger sticks. Don’t take ginger ales unless they have real ginger content. Usually today’s ginger ales are made without  curative ginger. Warning: Children under two years of age should not be given Ginger.


    In theory, if you apply pressure at certain points on your body this will relieve nausea. For instance, apply pressure to your wrist with your thumb. You can either apply the pressure yourself or use a nausea band for this purpose. It’s speculated that activating the trigger points release neurotransmitters like endorphins and serotonin.  Which will blocks chemicals that make the person feel sick.

    Lemons are You Sure

    You would think that lemons would surely make you vomit if you had nausea because of all the tartness and acid they contain. It would seem like lemons would make your stomach more bitter than it already was. But lemons really do help with nausea. Squeeze a lemon and extract all the lemon juice out of it. Mix the lemon juice with some water and drink it periodically; it will help alleviate the nausea it will also remove the urge to vomit. Smelling the sliced lemon after a while will help you feel better.

    Peppermint you have to be Kidding

    Come on peppermint isn’t that what made you sick in the first place because you ate too much peppermint candy? Now, it’s being said that peppermint will cure nausea? It’s reported that if you suck on a piece of peppermint candy or drink peppermint tea that you will cure nausea  fast!( This had to be researched as to why peppermint cures nausea.) Peppermint is a plant found in all of the 48 states of the United States. The peppermint candy may relieve the nausea because of menthol and other compounds. These chemicals have antispasmodic effects that can help relieve indigestion and peppermint oil is a muscle relaxant. This ability of peppermint oil may help relieve cramping associated with nausea and other gastrointestinal issues. University of Adelaide, in Australia, found that a mechanism in peppermint may relieve gastrointestinal issues such as irritable bowel syndrome.    

    Ahhh a Cold Compress

    If you soak a washcloth in cold water or freeze an ice pack for hours then apply it to the patient. The posture of the patient will determine where the cold compress is to be placed. If the person is sitting up then place the cold compress on the back of the neck. If the person is lying down then put it below the neck. This will relieve nausea. A cold compress is a natural treatment to relieve nausea.


    Exercise helps Nausea?It has been noted that exercise causes nausea but it heals it? There are certain exercises that you may do to relieve nausea. Lay your head down flat and bend your knees (without a pillow). Make sure you are breathing properly. If you choose to sit against a wall then bend your knees and put your head between them making sure you breath properly.

    Back exercises

    Will help nausea as well. Lay down a mat and lie down straight without bending any part of your body. Lift your upper body and allow your back to arch. Now, stretch as you incline your head as far back as you can. Make sure the area beneath your chin is facing the ceiling. 

    Neck exercises

    What in the world does neck exercises have to do with curing nausea? Well, supposedly neck exercises do help cure nausea. They are easier to perform then back exercises. Here’s how:
    You can do this while sitting or standing. Bend your head so that the neck touches the chest; keeping this position for 10-15 seconds but make sure you are breathing properly. Next, follow this with tilting your head to the left (don’t roll your head to the left but tilt it left. Like you are touching your shoulder with your ear.) Then repeat the movement to the right. It’s critical you don’t roll your neck for this will increase the dizziness and nausea. So, exercising can reverse nausea.

    Milk Toast

    When you think of drinking milk for nausea you think it would make the nausea worse not better. But contrary to this notion milk with toast can stop the nausea. Warm up one cup of milk and break pieces of toast into it. Add unsalted butter to the mix. Eat it slowly don’t consume it quickly. The dry texture of the bread absorbs acid in the stomach and the milk and toast combination settles the tummy down. Warning: It should not be eaten by those suffering from the stomach flu or gastroenteritis.

    Chamomile Tea    

    The tea keeps coming back! People do develop nausea due to psychological reasons as well. (too much stress, worry and anxiety can all help cause nausea.)  It has been found that chamomile tea is a natural cure for nausea. It carries some tranquilizing effects that can cure anxiety and stress. This tea will also stop the cramps and contractions in the stomach caused by repeated vomiting.

    Those Herbs Will Help  

    There are various herbal treatments that can help combat nausea such as fennel, cinnamon, and cloves. Fennel seeds improve digestion power, cinnamon has antiviral and antibacterial properties that help reduce bloating and gas. These can be take either by a concoction or in supplement form.   

    Non-carbonated syrup for Nausea   

    This one is too far out there to be of any assistance with nausea, non-carbonated syrup. But again, this mixture does work. It contains water, pinch of salt, and sugar. This should be consumed every half of an hour. Non-carbonated drinks are good for curing nausea. It’s recommended when you have nausea, you should drink non-carbonated drinks.It is ironical that all the solutions you think would make you sicker really do help with eliminating nausea. Like the sugar mixture, the peppermint solution and the lemons for instance. These would be last things you would take for nausea.    

    Honey Calls   

    Honey is quite an effective deterrent to nausea. It also helps with a lot of disorders especially nausea. If you consume honey,apple cider vinegar, and water quite frequently it will very helpful for nausea.

    Rice Water 

    You can use the water you drained rice in to help cure nausea. Drink it in a lukewarm state it is very effective in removing nausea. Be sure you drink plenty of water so you stay hydrated. Get plenty of rest also with the combination of these two things you can get over nausea quickly.

    Handle it Immediately

    This is the most basic treatment. Plop yourself in a quiet place and relax. Sit down and be still and relax shutting your body functions down. This may help alleviate the nausea but if it doesn’t lie down in a quiet place. Prop a pillow under your head (you can use anything to prop  under your head but a pillow would be the most comfortable.) and try a falling asleep so that you will be totally resting. If you have nausea the worst thing you can do is move around. Sleep and by the time you wake up you may be over it.

    An Unusual Combination

    This combination does sound lethal and very unusual but it sure does work in getting rid of nausea. Mix cumin seeds with yogurt or mix it in with milk. You can also eat cumin seeds plain all three solutions will help you overcome nausea.

    Baking Soda more than for Cleaning

    We know that baking soda is well-known for cleaning and for keeping your refrigerator smelling fresh. But it has other uses that are probably not as well-known, such as helping with nausea. Mix 1 1/2 tablespoons into warm water and consume it. It will help cure nausea. Warning: Pregnant ladies shouldn’t use baking soda.  

    Freeze Away Nausea

    Did you know that you can heal your nausea by swallowing ice cubes, popsicles or ice chips. Yes, it sounds like a fantasy, but these solutions can help to cure nausea.

    Aniseed is your Friend   

    Aniseed  is a Mediterranean plant of the parsley family which is cultivated for its aromatic seeds. They’re used for cooking and herbal medicine. Mix ¼ teaspoon in a ½ cup of boiling water and let it steep for 5-7 minutes. Now, strain it and drink it at least once a day. You can also sprinkle it on carrots and pumpkins.

    Whoa Onion   

    Extract the juice from the onion and add one teaspoon of  grated ginger to one teaspoon of onion juice. Drink the mixture it will help with your nausea.

    Mint of Course   

    Take one tablespoon of  dried mint leaves and steep them in one pint of hot water for ½ hour. Strain the mixture and drink it is a natural cure for nausea. Eat the mint leaves don’t toss them out. They too can heal your nausea. Boiled mint leaves are also good for healing nausea too.

    Cranberry can Help

    It’s suggested that when you have nausea that you fast from solid foods for one day. If you do this make sure you drink plenty of liquids. Cranberry juice is easy on your digestive tract and can help you overcome the nausea.

    Lemon Juice for Nausea    

    Lemon juice has so many uses it can even help with an upset stomach. Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of honey. Drink the mixture down; it will sooth that nausea in no time. This is a myth: Dip your finger in the mix and lick it off so you will be able to take it down slowly.

    Lime Juice Effective for Nausea

    Lime juice is so effective for nausea because it will work immediately. Mix one cup of water with 10 drops of lime juice and ½ teaspoon of sugar. Add a ¼ teaspoon of baking soda and drink. This should knock the nausea right out of the park.

    Cinnamon Helps too

    Steep ½ a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in one cup of boiling water, strain, and sip for nausea. Pregnant women should not try this treatment.

    Fennel out that Nausea  

    Fennel is a yellow-flowered European plant of the parsley family with aromatic attributes. Fennel can also help with nausea. Here’s how: Crush one tablespoon of seeds in one cup of boiling water and let it steep for ten minutes. Sweeten the solution to taste with honey and drink it as necessary for the nausea.

    Aromatherapy May Help

    Don’t underestimate the power of aromatherapy ( the practice of using plant extracts and essential oils in massaging or in a bath.) A massage oil rubbed on the stomach is good for children or anyone to refuses to take medicine. This will help to relieve nausea.

    Breathe Deeply  

    One of the most natural ways to overcome nausea is to breathe fresh, clean air in deeply. Find a place with plenty of trees and inhale slowly and deeply but make sure you are in peaceful and clean surroundings. Another thing to do is get a fan and let the cool air blow across your face. Put the fan on the oscillating setting and let the cool air calm you and help to relax your stomach.

    Freeze that Nausea Away

    A little known remedy for curing nausea quickly is to freeze a lemon or a lime and slice them up. Take a frozen lemon or lime slice and suck on it which will cure nausea in no time. If you don’t have a refrigerator just slice up some lemons and limes and suck on the slices as needed. Either method will relieve nausea quite quickly. Frozen fruits in general are effective for curing nausea.  

    Teas Galore

    Everyone likes to drink tea and when you are feeling nauseous drinking tea can help relieve the sick feeling quite rapidly.  The teas that are recommended for nausea are connation, raspberry, lemon, chamomile, and peppermint teas because they are healthy for you and quickly remedy nausea. Really, any kind of tea will help to relieve nausea.  

    Hard Candies can help

    It is suggested to keep a supply of hard candies around your home such as peppermint, lifesavers and hard candies. Whenever the nausea comes select one of these hard candies and suck on them they will relieve your upset stomach.

    A Final Thought

    We have explored some natural home remedies that will cure an ailing stomach. The key to subduing any nausea is to attack it as soon as you feel your stomach flare up. There are several treatments listed in this article that will help overcome nausea. Some of the treatments will cure the nausea immediately. Others make take a little more time but in the end result they all will work. It really comes down to what remedy you have tried before and that has worked for you. Or if some of these remedies you have never tried choose the one or groups of remedies that you feel the most comfortable using. Certainly there is one in the list that would help you feel better from that annoying nausea. No one enjoys having nausea. 

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