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    Tuesday, November 28, 2017

    Three questions for personal development

    These questions were adapted from Brian Tracy’s book on “The Power of Self Confidence”, however, they were paraphrased and additions were made to suit the context of this topic.

    We all know that the best form of learning is by experience. What you do with the knowledge you have acquired will go a long way to improve your overall performance.

    What did I do right? After every successful and unsuccessful venture, ask yourself this. Heck, go a step further and write it all down. It makes for deep reflection and points out your areas of strength.

    What did I do wrong? As much as a pat on the back helps, you need to be true to yourself by acknowledging the faults or mistakes made. This will help you find areas that need improvements. Basically, it saves you from falling into that pit of mistake again.

    What would I do differently? Answering the question exposes you to a world of possibilities. It sharpens your thinking cap and makes you see things outside the box. If asked to perform a task or carry out an activity, how else could you execute it different from the usual? 

    When you acknowledge the mistakes on your part and embrace your areas of strength, it will serve as a guide to future behaviors and will go a long way in your personal development.

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