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    Friday, November 17, 2017

    Run Morning Routine 30 Minutes a Day Makes Successful Weight Edo Down 42 Kg

    Tokeo la picha la weight loss

    Study in Yogyakarta making Edo Yukamgo ( 27 ) claimed to spend more time to eat . Consequently during college weight shot up to 118 kg . Well , now Edo has managed to lose weight to 76 pounds in 6 months time , you know. What ‘s the secret?
    the man from Lampung born 11 April 1990 tells the success story , as written here in medicalneeds360 :
    I began to experience obesity after circumcision , exactly when I sit on the bench 5 th grade . Since that time gaining more weight each month . The climax was when I was in college in Yogyakarta . Right there food is cheap, tasty , and more .

    My weight when the 2nd half even reach 98 kg . Well , when I have a girlfriend in 3rd semester , my weight go up dramatically to 118 kg . Because while the streets with a lover , I often spend time with hanging out at eating places . Worse every food lover I was not exhausted , which depletes me .
    Initially I did not care about my weight . But when I compare my photos , I started sad and determined to diet . After completion of my graduation directly implement the diet is to stop eating rice , fried foods and other fatty foods .
    I also regularly run every morning after waking and evening , at least 30-45 minutes a day . As a result , during the 3 months my weight successfully dropped 21 pounds . This means that time my weight was 98 kg , while my target is 70 kg .
    I then add a fitness session in the morning and evening . So after jogging for 30 minutes , my fitness for 45-60 minutes . After my run too late fitness again for 30 minutes . Well , 3 months have passed my weight dropped again to 76 kg . Although it has not reached the target , but I ‘ve felt very comfortable with the current conditions .
    Until now I still keep the weight by not eating rice and keep jogging for 30 minutes . But the pattern I added regularly drink green tea with lemon and warm every meal .
    My message to my friends who have weight problems : Do not ever give up and do not be easily satisfied . While it is easy to be complacent then be prepared to get boos again .

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