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    Tuesday, November 28, 2017

    Reasons you should shave pubic hair before delivery

    There’s been much debate on the issue of shaving before delivery. While some doctors advice that mothers-to-be shave before delivering, others are of the belief that shaving the pubic hair could lead to unnecessary discomfort and itching. Since it is a practice carried out in so many hospitals you need to be sure if you’ll be doing the right thing by shaving your “garden” yourself before delivering. Here are some top benefits accrued with shaving your pubic hair that would convince you further.

    It is hygienic

    It is important you maintain proper hygiene as your delivery date draws near. Shaving your pubic hair keeps the place clean and rid of bacteria and microbes.

    It reduces the risk for infections

    When you shave your “down there” before going into the labor room, you destroy the breeding ground of microbes and then prevent them from causing infections for you and your baby.

    It reduces sweating

    To take away unnecessary discomfort and itching then you should trim or shave your pubic hair in order to prevent sweating down there.

    In conclusion, shaving your pubic hair also offers a clear view of your gynecologist just in case she needs to make any form of intervention during vaginal birth. Washing off afterward wouldn’t be an arduous task since you don’t have to worry about blood sticking to the hair.

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