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    Tuesday, November 28, 2017

    Different things people do after sex

    The real drama comes up after sex, and then you discover some weirdness or awkwardness in your partner which could make or mar your relationship. People do lots of crazy stuff after getting laid, some boring on the crazy side yeah and some attitude that are totally less than attractive. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the things people do after sex.

    Sleep off

    This is quite popular. It is almost like sex is one huge sleeping pill and then the instant they release their seed they slump in bed and sleep off blissfully. Mmm! People in long-term relationships can really relate to this one.

    The ones that get emotional

    As if they were under a spell while in the throes of passion, after the deed they start crying and lamenting their lost integrity or virginity as the case may be. This type of people end up making their partner look like a cad!

    The ones that start thinking about their next target

    Their motto is “one down, more to go” the instant they finish their rounds with a lady, the next thing that pops up in their mind is how to devise a ploy to get another lady into their bed.

    Start picking baby names

    Some ladies seem to think that sex with a guy seals their future relationship with the guy. Then they start asking questions like “where is this relationship heading to” and picking names for their imaginary baby.

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