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    Tuesday, November 28, 2017

    Beat the holiday weight gain

    There is a notorious weight gain during the holidays. It comes from all the over-indulging, the ready availability of food, meat, and drinks, the partying and revelry. It is a by-product of the fact that we are more leisurely during this time and less prone to going to exercise.

    There is a way though, you don’t have to struggle to lose that weight when the holidays are over and you have to go to work, realizing you cannot fit in your skirts anymore.

    There is a simpler way:

    Eat small portions

    Please, do not give in to the impulse to eat and eat until you cannot move. This is especially if you have more than one party to attend, or there is an abundance of rich foods. Instead of pigging out on all the variety in front of you, take small portions to moderate your eating.

    Indulge in fruits and vegetables

    Salads are your best friend. Instead of a heap of rice, take a small portion and a lot more salad. Also, take fruits to augment your nutrition.

    Avoid fizzy sweet drinks

    Minerals are not healthy! Instead, drink water, wine, zobo or yogurt. Those saturated sugars will only stick to you and cause weight that will be difficult to lose.

    Stay active

    No matter how little, try to stay active. Take walks instead of rides to short distances, go swimming, stay on your feet. It is a season for relaxation, but that is no reason to let yourself go completely.

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