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    Tuesday, November 28, 2017

    10 things mentally strong people do

    In this post, we are going to consider 10 habits of mentally strong individuals. Check yourself up on this list and determine ways you can improve yourself. 10 things mentally strong people do:

     1. They move on 

    They do not waste time feeling sorry for themselves, they'd rather channel that energy into more productive thinking. 

     2. They keep control 

    They do not just give control of their life to the first person they meet or fall in love with because they know that they are the best captain of their ship. 

     3. They embrace change 

    They are not afraid of it, they do not resist it, they welcome it and adapt to it. They find and devise ways of surviving with change. 

     4. They stay happy

    They don't complain. They don't fret or worry. They stay happy in situations they know they can't change. 

     5. They enjoy their time alone 

    They don't fear being alone. They actually enjoy the time they are alone. 

     6. They celebrate other people's success 

    They are not jealous of other people's success neither do they resent it. They celebrate success. 

     7. They are willing to take calculated risks

    They weigh each risk and its outcome before taking it. 

     8. They invest their energy in the present

    They don't dwell on their past mistakes. They don't desire their past glories. They strive for more in the present because they know that the past is past. 

     9. They reflect on their progress 

    They put time aside each day either before or after labor to measure their progress. 

    10. They are prepared to work and succeed on their own merit     

    They don't wait for any to hand over success to them. They know no one owes them anything. So they go out to achieve their own success.

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